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faBOWlous® Beginnings

Simply faBOWlous® began with a mom's need for organization. In 2006 we started designing unique hair bow holders that turned a baby's hair bow collection into a chic work of art, while putting an end to cluttered drawers and lost or damaged hair bows. Soon request from friends and family began pouring in... and Simply faBOWlous® was born.

In 2007, a full line of accessories for mini divas was added. This line includes infant, toddler & child headbands, crochet flower hats and Petal Poof Tutus.

In 2008, hair accessories for that ever evolving 'Tween-ager were added.  This line includes several Ribbon Covered Arch Headband styles: Glitzy, Flowers & Dots.

In 2009, Simply faBOWlous® introduced our new Rock Wear Accessory which includes our Tattoo Art Baby Hats.  So, whether you prefer our Boutique Line for your Mini Diva or our Rock Wear Line for your Lil' Dude (or dudette) Simply faBOWlous® can outfit your little one with something for every age and every style.

Simply faBOWlous® has grown into a nationwide company selling products on-line at and servicing upscale boutiques across the nation and in several countries around the world. Here's looking to a new era in posh designs - they're only little once don't they deserve faBOWlous® accessories!?!  To find out more information about Wholesale opportunities...view wholesale info and request account

Not So faBOWlous® Beginnings 

While everything looks faBOWlous® wasn't always...this is written for all mom-preneurs to read, to share, and to say that success does not always come easy but it is within reach.  Be patient, stick it out, and your dreams will come true!  

Since beginning in 2006 many challenges have been met.  Including going through multiple business partners, multiple Operating Agreements, a sharp economic downturn, and conforming to strict government regulations within this industry. 

Many times closing shop felt like the right thing to do but guess what…this business is still here and successful…and yours can be too!  REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS...THEY ARE WITHIN YOUR REACH!!!

Giving Back

Simply faBOWlous® thinks that giving back to the community is just a small way we can show our gratitude and thanks.  In 2009 Simply faBOWlous® became a proud sponsor of the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation and since then has grown to support other charities/ more here.

Our 3R Attitude

  • Recycle - Each hair bow holders begins life as a "salvaged" picture frame that would have otherwise been discarded. Our production team hand paints and designs each one individually, transforming it from "whoa" to "WOW"! That is why each holder has a rustic quality of it's own.
  • Reduce -Simply faBOWlous® continues the green theme by coming up with innovative packaging ideas. Our goal is to reduce adding to our landfills by designing packaging that your children can reuse.
  • Reuse - Help your child use their imagination to create fun ways to reinvent our faBOWlous® packaging. We have had children use our Petal Poof packaging as a piggy bank and our Lil' Rocker Wrap packaging to store their favorite DVDs. When your little one out grows hair bows she can use our Hair Bow Holder for photos. If you have additional "reuse" ideas send them to we love hearing from our faBOWlous customers!

Where are our faBOWlous® products made?

All final products are made by "mom"preneurs in the USA.

Individual items that go into our finished products are from various places but meet all CPSIA regulations...view Product Safety.